By Victoria Story

My name is Victoria, I live outside a small seaside village, out in the countryside yet within 10 mins drive from some beautiful beaches with my 2 young boys and 4 cats.

As an only child and grew up on a farm so was rather isolated, I had a pony I spent morning, noon and night with it when I wasn't at school, however when it was too dark or wet I spent my time drawing and making things, either by knitting or sewing and made outfits for my Barbie collection. 

My Grandmother was big influence and taught me how to cast on and off as well as how to work her singer machine, there were also attempts to teach me to bake however this failed miserably and hasn't changed since !

As I got older, I obtained more horses and ones that required more work, started exams and a part time job then progressed to uni and working full time and having my family so my making and crafting were sadly completely forgotten.

In 2009 I was working in building supplies when I was suddenly made redundant, what made this more daunting was the fact I was pregnant with my 2nd son. I started to look for other jobs but to no avail so decided to try again after my son was born. 

When my youngest was a few months old I did find work but didn't enjoy it and felt my sons spent more time in daycare than with me. I started to feel bored with my life, that I spent my days in a job I didn't enjoy and wasn't appreciated in, and spent my nights cooking, washing and cleaning etc and maybe an hour with my boys depending on how tired they were. 

I wanted to do something I could enjoy and look forward to so I bought some sewing books and borrowed an old sewing machine from an Aunt and stared to play around at night.

The first thing I made were cushions and friends admired them and asked to buy them, they then told other friends and someone suggested I open a Facebook page in Feb 2012, which I did however, I never really saw it going anywhere and was surprised when I had likes, comments and sales on my first day ! 

By October that same year I was struggling to keep up with demand and purchased a second machine which would enable me to do basic embroidery so I could personalise cushions. This was a very worthwhile purchase as sales rocketed from there and in no time I realised I needed a professional embroidery machine to allow me to work faster and to stock more lines such as the soft toys and clothing side of my business, which yet again caused business to soar.

Looking back from when I started to now, a lot has changed, I no longer work from a corner of the kitchen table as I have my own fully equipped studio at home, I have won 3 awards, and now have a very busy website operating too !

Things have also changed for the better in my family life, in 2013 my youngest son was diagnosed with Autism and sensory processing disorder so working for myself means I can be at home to give him the support he needs and take him to his therapies etc. My eldest son is severely dyslexic and after a lot of consideration, research and planning I made the decision in November 2014 to remove him from school to home educate him myself, so we now have a classroom at home and he is learning more and gaining confidence everyday. 

In Sept 2015 my youngest joined us in our home ed adventure so now I home ed both my boys and have never done anything as rewarding and they are both excelling in every area.

I am a believer in things happening for reasons, I never imagined myself doing any of these things but I am and I couldn't be happier, well maybe a few more hours sleep a night or more hours in a day wouldn't go amiss but I wouldn't change it for anything.

Unfortunately in 2018 I was diagnosed with a rare brain condition and still awaiting treatment / surgery - sadly this makes me unable to work full time like I used to and leaves me in a lot of pain and very sick however I pop open every so often in between appointments as I do miss my customers and making lovely little toys for you all.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, reading my story and supporting my little business.